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Fix your body mechanics... change your life.  We assess the source of pain, decrease the suffering associated with that pain, increase body movement and mobility, and educate on prevententive methods to reduce your signs and symptoms.


Here at BODY MECHANIX by Wendi, we offer a wide range of specific work, relaxation, and overall health and wellness treatments designed to help you to be a better you.  

We assess the source of pain by using proven methods of testing for muscle dysfunction and resistance.  By using different massage techniques, we then treat that area with a single or multiple treatment approach.  This will help to increase body movement and mobility while reducing pain.  Lastly, we will educate you on how you can continue to treat your own symptoms and reduce your pain by using simple methods in your own home.  Free education about improving the quality of your life? Why wouldn't you?



Contact us today to set up your appointment.


Wendi Smith  (407) 758-0624

Owner, LMT

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